Lonely Little Arms
1:35 min digital video


An exploration of Giving and Taking. 
The artist covers themselves in Silly Putty™and invites participants to either remove or add pieces of the putty from their body. 

* Proceed inside the curtain to the Exo-Self; pull off pieces of its skin. 
*Proceed to the skin jar; add pieces of skin to the Exo-Self. 
* Please place any removed skin back into the skin jar. 

Self - Transformation

Self - Transformation (Baptismal) 
This piece is an exploration in personal transformation through the abstracted concept of baptism.

* Please walk slowly - alone - into the spiral chamber. Take your time.
* When you reach the pedestal, grasp the sides and lower your head toward the water. If you wish, submerge your face, or sprinkle the water onto your self. 
* Exit the way that you entered. 

** 2019 version, pictured above,  performed by Mata Moran.

An Exercise in Melting, pt .1

An Exercise in Melting, pt .2