Las Curanderas Oasis
Art Basel Miami 2015
Ed.Varie Presents // Jen Dunlap + Alva Cal y Mayor
Ed. Varie is pleased to present Las Curanderas Oasis, a performance by Alva Calymayor and Jen Dunlap, offering healing energy sessions to friends, artists, and fair-goers. Las Curanderas Oasis will run for One Day Only, Friday December 4th from 10am - 6pm, at the Island Cabana, Fontainebleau Miami Beach. RSVP and bathing suits are encouraged.

As the number of annual events grow, fair-goers claim to experience fair fatigue, as curator Shamim Momin of the Whitney Museum of American Art states, “One problem I have with fairs is how much energy they take on the part of galleries and their artists”. And Michaela Neumeister, Senior partner at Phillips de Pury laments, “Whenever I hear about another fair starting, it’s almost physically painful to me [...] When I entered Art Cologne last month, I suddenly felt I had an art hangover—it seemed like the paintings were all melting into each other in front of my eyes.”.

In an effort to protect from potential leeching and negative energy, and to embrace and share positive engergy, Calymayor and Dunlap will present a series of healing and spiritual actions inspired in the work of Lygia Clark, psycho-magic therapy of Alejandro Jodorowsky, intertwining the dynamics of art, bodies, and culture from Coco Fusco along the research and practice of the Meso-American Culture and Chontal groups.